Visual StoryTellingtm WITH Data

Data visualization simplifies complex information so decision-makers can focus on strategy, not wading through charts. This workshop is created for anyone who needs to present data effectively. It teaches you how to ask the right questions, break down data into consumable parts, highlight the insights that matter, and drive meaningful understanding of the story being told.

Train yourself or
a small group

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Corporate Training

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Course formats

Live Online: Half-day intensive. Three 75-min sessions/day. Two 15-min breaks/day.

In-Person: Half-day intensive. Three 75-min sessions/day. Two 15-min breaks/day.

"I have to wear so many hats in my org. Design, copy, social media - we have to do a little bit of everything. This workshop helped me understand so many things and I can't wait to use what I learned. - Kristy (Portland)




Session 1
Design principles for non-designers
Collaborating with others
Creating design unity

Session 2
Questioning with purpose
Simplifying the complex
Coping with intricate datasets

Session 3
Spotlighting insights
Narrating with clarity
Practicum: apply principles to your own work
Live feedback


Physical and digital workbook
Design templates
Visual tools