Visual StoryTellingtm

Visual devices that communicate ideas, business plans, and strategies are a mainstay of business storytelling.

A business leader equipped with the information, and the skills to turn them into narratives through visual mediums, is an effective one. This workshop teaches foundational methods that make it easier for anyone to design great slides.

Learn the step-by-step basics of organizing information, identifying how to highlight what matters most, and creating visually engaging presentations.

Train yourself or
a small group

Thanks for checking out Rumble’s learning programs. Right now this workshop is only available for enterprise clients, but it’s coming to a wider audience soon.

Corporate Training

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Course formats

Live Online: Two days. Two 60-minute sessions/day. One 15 min break/day.

In-Person: One day. Four 75-minute sessions. Two 15-minute breaks. 1 hour lunch.

"I’m so glad there was an option for an in-person version. As a hybrid worker, this was a breath of fresh air"

- Rebecca (Seattle)




The art of design & copy
Introduction to the power of visual storytelling
Fundamentals of design
Learning basic tools and technologies
Understanding the balance of visuals and content
Basics of data visualization
Crafting slides that translate into spoken narratives
Exercise: collaborative slide designing

Collaborative Section
Presenting your own visual story
Peer reviews and feedback
Summary and key takeaways


Presentation design templates
Visual tools
Practice materials