Storytelling with Datatm

In today's digital age, most workplaces are saturated with data. Behind every decision, every strategy, every outcome, there's a dataset driving it. But numbers alone don't sway decisions – stories do. In this workshop you will learn how to make every number count by selecting the most salient data; seamlessly blend data and narrative; and turn your data-driven narrative into an unforgettable presentation.

Train yourself or
a small group

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Course formats

Live Online: Half-day intensive. Three 75-min sessions/day. Two 15-min breaks/day.

In-Person: Half-day intensive. Three 75-min sessions/day. Two 15-min breaks/day.


Session 1
Identify the target audience
Clarify the problems that matter
Data planning and selection

Session 2
Differentiate activities from outcomes
Presenting data simply
Blending data and narrative

Session 3
Practicum: stand and deliver
Receive live feedback and improve


Physical and digital workbook
Data-driven storytelling templates