Storytelling For Business

Strategic communication skills to evoke action.

Storytelling is not a secret magical talent, it’s a learned skill. This workshop teaches specific, practical techniques that help you break down your story, edit and organize it, and craft a narrative that connects and inspires.

Train yourself or
a small group

Book a publicly scheduled program online or in-person at our Bellevue, WA training center.

Corporate Training

Looking to upskill your full team?

Get just-right training plans and programs using materials customized to your organization.

Course formats

Live Online: Two days. Two 60-minute sessions/day. One 15 min break/day.

In-Person: One day. Four 75-minute sessions. Two 15-minute breaks. 1 hour lunch.

"I’m so glad there was an option for an in-person version. As a hybrid worker, this was a breath of fresh air"

- Rebecca (Seattle)




Storytelling in business
Pixar story exercise
Structure of classic stories
Understanding various story formats
Breaking down the elements of a title
Story killers
Storycraft checklist exercise


Physical and digital workbook
Storytelling templates
Storycraft checklist