Storytelling for Businesstm

Storytelling is not a secret magical talent, it’s a learned skill.

This workshop teaches specific, practical techniques that help you break down your story, edit and organize it, and present it in a way that lands. It shortens the process of creating any professional presentation with clear templates to follow and defined approaches to crafting a narrative that connects with audiences and inspires action.

Train yourself or
a small group

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Corporate Training

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Course formats

Live Online: Full-day. Four 60-min sessions/day. Three 15-min breaks/day. 45-min lunch.

In-Person: Full-day. Four 60-min sessions/day. Three 15-min breaks/day. 1 hour lunch.

"Honestly this was best storytelling session that I've been a part of."

-Andres (Seattle)




Session 1
Classic storytelling formulas
Why stories work
Storytelling in business: case studies
Speak to your target audience
Apply story formulas

Session 2
Story toolbox
Story structure and organization
Solve a problem
Open and close strong
Create relevance and drama

Session 3
Build emotional impact
Create thematic resonance
Choose and use data

Session 4
Story language and content
Incorporating images
Select your story format
Apply lessons to your own story


Physical and digital workbook
Storytelling templates
Storycraft checklist