StorySellingtm for Business

Stories are the most powerful form of communication, but they are woefully underutilized in business-to-business sales. Too often we get caught in the data trap, focusing heavily on complex details and failing to communicate why they matter.

Data IS crucial in B2B sales, but only when it demonstrates business value for customers. Choosing the right data and weaving it into an unforgettable narrative is what great business storytelling is all about.

The StorySelling workshop drives revenue growth by teaching sales and marketing teams how to combine the logic of data with the magic of a story. Not just theory, it uses specific, repeatable techniques that make your presentations more persuasive, memorable, and credible.

*If your team knows who to contact and when, but not what to say and how to say it consistently, this workshop is for you.

Train yourself or
a small group

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Corporate Training

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Course formats

Live Online: Full-day. Four 60-min sessions/day. Three 15-min breaks/day. 45-min lunch.

In-Person: Full-day. Four 60-min sessions/day. Three 15-min breaks/day. 1 hour lunch.


Session 1
Story formulas for sales teams
Case studies in stories that delivered measurable sales impact
Practicum: choose a sales pitch to transform today

Session 2
Classic story structure
Problem statements
Motivating psychology of target audiences

Capturing hearts and minds
Connecting to higher themes
Using data that matters most

Session 4
Stand and deliver: sell your story
Presentation feedback
Live content feedback


Physical and digital workbook
Story workbook for sales teams
Storycraft checklist