Explain it Like Einsteintm

Albert Einstein famously used simple stories to explain complicated scientific ideas and your team can too. This workshop teaches professionals in life sciences, information technology, engineering, and finance how to tell their story in clear, simple language. It provides templates for organizing information in the most persuasive order, discipline around selecting and presenting data, and a practical, learnable set of principles for making sure your story lands. 

Train yourself or
a small group

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Corporate Training

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Course formats

Live Online: Half-day intensive. Three 75-min sessions/day. Two 15-min breaks/day.

In-Person: Half-day intensive. Three 75-min sessions/day. Two 15-min breaks/day.


"6 weeks later, my team is still talking about this program. Next time, I'd book a full day because the approach of using our own material was so helpful"

- Sean Lennon, CIO, Allergan




Session 1
Intro to story basics
What is story
Why story for IT?
The power of story in IT
Case studies: business stories that work

Session 2
Practical application: Outline your story basics
The story toolbox for IT
Key structures
Elements of building story power
Use data to move your audience
How to capture hearts and minds
How to gut-check your work

Session 3
The 3 tenets of story creation
Story formats
The building blocks of story
Story killers
Practicum: work on your story

Session 4
Presentations: share your story
Feedback and final thoughts


Physical and digital workbook
STEM storytelling templates
Storycraft checklist