The Edison Effecttm

How do you unleash your team's creativity and help them think like one of America's greatest inventors? There is more deliberate process to creativity than most people realize. This workshop offers a framework of individual and management techniques that create optimal conditions for organizational innovation.

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The content of this workshop requires leadership buy-in to the process of transforming corporate culture to be more innovative and creative. We'd be happy to chat with your leadership or L&D team, and welcome you to subscribe to the Rumble Rundown Newsletter to learn more about our other workshops.

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Course formats

Live Online: Seminar. Two 75-min sessions/day. One 15-min break/day.

In-Person: Seminar. Two 75-min sessions/day. One 15-min break/day.

"I'd love to see these principles rolled out across our whole org."

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Session 1
Framework for the creative process
The 3 paths to innovation
Characteristics of a creativity culture
Lateral vs. critical thinking

Session 2
Techniques to break inertia
Inventor's toolkit
Innovation rules for every org
Building creativity into physical spaces
Creativity killers


Physical and digital workbook
inventor's toolkit
Innovation rules checklist