It’s Official: We are a Certified Woman-Owned Business.

Published: June 9, 2022 / No Comments

As Rumble Marketing approaches 10 years in business, 🥳 we decided that it was time to make official what has always been true: We’re a woman-owned business! 

Why should you care that Rumble is now officially certified as woman-owned? 

If you’re an existing client with DEI vendor goals to meet, in addition to our story and design magic, you can now check the box on an important corporate mandate. In fact, we’ve already uploaded our shiny, new Washington state woman-owned business certification to the vendor management systems of our clients who use them.

If you’re not a client yet, we hope you’ll choose us. We can help you to tell compelling business stories that deliver measurable results. The fact that we are part of a cohort of businesses that  consistently deliver higher return on investment is just icing on the cake. 

Need more great reasons to include women-owned businesses in your RFP process? Check out the data:

  1. Better performance
    In a Forbes Magazine article, Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary is quoted as saying that he prefers to invest in companies owned by women, because they produce better returns. Out of more than 40 companies chosen by O’Leary, “95% of the women-led companies met their financial targets, compared with just 65% for those led by men.”
  2. Winning the war for talent
    According to a Harris poll, nearly 50% of Americans say they’d “prefer to work at a female-led company over a male-led company.”
  3. Higher ROI
    A BCG study found that businesses founded by women ultimately deliver higher revenue—more than twice as much per dollar invested—than those founded by men.
  4. More conscientious, more ethical
    In a paper published in the Journal of Operations and Service Management, researchers found that women directors had significant influence on product recall decisions. The study found that companies with more women on their Board of Directors were “more rule-conscious, and made more customer-focused decisions than companies dominated by male directors.”
  5. Good in a crisis
    Women leaders were rated by their teams as more effective than men before the pandemic, and that disparity actually grew during Covid-19. According to the Harvard Business Review, which published this data, these shifts suggest that trust in female leadership is even higher in crisis situations. 

Overall, these qualities translate into higher customer satisfaction, as women-led companies show themselves to be better managed, more reliable, more engaged with client needs, and more successful at delivering what the client wants.

Contact Rumble Marketing today to find out how we can deliver story and design magic for your company!

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