Turn Insights into Foresight

Strategic research, consulting and communications services for growth and change.

Brand & Product Story Development

Branding that helps you stand out against competitors, prepare for future growth and redefine your story.

B-MAP™ Behavioral Analysis

A proprietary Rumble methodology for creating a detailed roadmap of what drives audience behavior.

Competitive Analysis

A comprehensive evaluation of audience awareness and perception of your brand story relative to the competition, and how that influences choice.

Strategic Market Positioning

An analysis of where your product or service sits in the competitive landscape, and a clear map of where the greatest ‘white space’ opportunities that exist for your product to expand.

Story Crafting

Your brand story told with power, conviction, and emotional resonance.

Business  Value Articulation

A clear expression of the unique value of your brand: why it matters to your target audience, why they need it now, and how you help them in ways that others don’t.

“92% of marketers claim that brand authenticity is essential to their brands.”

Source: Crowdspring

Strategic & Leadership Communications

Communications that help you seize opportunities and mitigate risks during transformational moments in your business.

Communication Frameworks, Strategies & Plans

A strategic approach to earning stakeholder buy-in, connecting with customers, transforming team dynamics, and attracting top talent.

Leadership and Extended Leadership Team Programs

Communication tools, skills and support for leaders who need to manage through growth and change.

Stakeholder Maps

A clear roadmap for who influences decision-making, who needs to stay informed, who needs to take action, and how you will reach them.

Metrics for Awareness, Perception & Behavior Change

Qualitative and quantitative measurement tools that set baselines, track progress and evaluate program outcomes.

“65% of consumers say that a brand’s CEO and employees influence their decision to buy.”

Source: Accenture

Change Management

Strategies to align the vision for your brand’s reinvention and transformation initiatives.

Alignment and Activation

Align and activate stakeholders around change initiatives.

Communications Strategy & Planning

Audience-specific communications, engagement planning, and delivery.

Advice & Support for Senior Leaders Driving Change

Advisory support for stakeholder engagement and sustainable change implementation.

Frameworks, Change Networks & Templates

Stand-up and delivery of change management communication frameworks, and planning.

Change Sentiment & Implementation Metrics

Measurement tools to evaluate the understanding of and response to change.

“Companies with effective Change Management practices are 3.5x more likely to outperform industry peers.”

Source: Gitnux

Crisis Communications

Crisis communications strategy and planning that emphasizes harm reduction, de-escalation, and reputation protection.

Reputation Management & Risk Reduction

Monitoring, tracking, de-risking, and responding to sudden events.

Crisis Response Planning

Define and plan a robust response strategy to manage crises.

Crisis Messaging & Decision Support

Formulate approach and messaging for all audiences (stakeholders, media, public).

“98% of business leaders who have activated their crisis communications plan said it was effective.”

Source: Forbes

Presentation Development

Unforgettable presentations that present the value of your ideas clearly, capture audiences’ attention, and inspire action.

Story Architecture

Frameworks optimized for persuasive power and business clarity.

Content Audit & Development

A review and analysis of existing content, data, and design. Content that articulates your story with clarity and simplicity, in language audiences will understand and remember.

Keynotes, Town Halls, Events

Communication tools like storytelling, scripting, content design, and speaker coaching that make the most of high-stakes moments.

Data visualization

Data-driven storytelling that highlights the metrics that matter most to your audience.

Delivery Coaching

Speaker skills training and audience engagement techniques.

“55% of people say a great story primarily holds their focus during a presentation.”

Source: Visme

Sales Story Development

Strategically crafted sales narratives that harness audience motivations to optimize your sales pipeline.

Sales Asset Audit

A review of existing sales channels, materials, and tools to identify opportunities for optimizing sales effectiveness, and to increase ROI.

Audience Motivation Mapping

Identification and analysis of target audience segments, motivation, and behavior. Learn more about B-MAP™ Analysis.

Sales toolkit

Sales enablement toolkit that communicates value through on-demand collaterals for your sales teams.

“66% of sales pros proceed without marketing collateral they need.”

Source: PR News

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