• Sean Lennon, CIO
    "You knocked it out of the park! 6 weeks later my team is still talking about it. Next time I'd book a full day, because the approach of working with our material was so helpful."
    Sean Lennon, CIO
  • Jordan Melograna, Creative Director
    "Carol ran a storytelling workshop for our small nonprofit, which forced us to think hard about how we communicate with our constituents and made us better at telling our story. I’ve been getting rave reviews from my colleagues and staff."
    Jordan Melograna, Creative Director
    Rooted in Rights, WA
  • Jill Pimental, Assistant Director
    "An expert in the field, who is also a really great teacher... can be hard to come by. Carol scaffolds things in a digestible way, but that also forces us to put theory to practice."
    Jill Pimental, Assistant Director
    Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Washington
  • Christine Boerner, Founder/CEO
    "I LOVE the new website copy. You totally nailed it! As for the new messaging on the collateral card, it almost made me cry."
    Christine Boerner, Founder/CEO
    Cielo Pill Holders
  • Jeff Nobbe, Development Director
    "Thank you so much for helping us with our social media messaging… the buzz from the cooking videos and the anti-bullying program has been amazing."
    Jeff Nobbe, Development Director
    Camp Solomon Schechter
  • Rayona Sharpnak, Founder/CEO
    "Carol is one of the most talented professionals I have ever met. She is smart, creative, generative and a dream to work with. The deliverables exceeded my highest expectations."
    Rayona Sharpnak, Founder/CEO
    Institute for Gender Partnership and Women’s Leadership, Inc.
  • Kajoli Tankha, Consumer Insights and Social Intelligence
    "Carol is the real deal. She is smart and passionate and a very good storyteller."
    Kajoli Tankha, Consumer Insights and Social Intelligence
  • Calvin Blanchette, Senior Manager, Global Coffee Engagement
    "The best workshop I’ve taken in three years at Starbucks."
    Calvin Blanchette, Senior Manager, Global Coffee Engagement
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