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Facebook’s Custom Audience Tool: Don’t Make This Mistake With It

February 1, 2013

Some pretty lousy advice is circulating about how to use Facebook’s Custom Audience Tool, and I hope you won’t take it. Here’s why: First, there is this silly post on The Social Media Examiner (which is generally a terrific blog). The post title makes it sound like you can use Facebook’s Custom Audience tool to […]

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Crock Pot Girls: 3 Lessons for Social Media Managers

September 8, 2011

A week ago I got an email from my boss asking if I had heard about the Crock Pot Girls Facebook page. I hadn’t, but I quickly learned 2 things: They had grown from zero to almost 750,000 fans in just the prior two weeks (today they have well over a million). There was almost […]

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What I Learned from Summer Camp About Facebook Pages

July 15, 2011

Even a kids’ summer camp needs a great Facebook content strategy

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How Not to Build a Facebook Following

March 11, 2011

Why artificially inflating your Facebook fan count is a bad idea.

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Top Most Annoying Things Parents Use Facebook For

December 30, 2010

As you ring in the New Year, commit yourself to avoiding these awful Facebook etiquette mistakes.

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