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Content is king, until Google kills it

August 30, 2019

A few weeks ago, Rand Fishkin raised a critical alarm for content marketers and SEOs. In this superb article (which every remotely serious content marketer should read) he breaks down in excruciating detail how Google is making it harder than ever for content marketers to earn organic click-throughs. They do it by scraping content others have […]

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SEO for Content Marketers: 7 Ways to Make Your Content Stand Out

January 29, 2015

Picture this: Day in and day out you shed blood, sweat and tears over your content. You rack your brain for timely, relevant topics. You research diligently to ensure you deliver genuine value and not just fluff. You cry over every comma, and re-Google The Oatmeal to make sure you’re using your semicolons properly. And what do […]

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