Why choose Rumble?

Rumble Marketing is a story-based strategic communications and marketing agency. That means we use powerful stories to drive messaging, whether it’s for enterprise communications, go-to-market branding, or digital transformation. Each story works to make your message more persuasive, meaningful, and entertaining.

We spend 0% of your time (and ours) on pointless meetings, because you don’t need to when you shine at doing the actual story work. So, after a little smart planning, we get right to work creating the plans, developing the designs and copy, and bringing bold ideas to life.

When not doing the work, we teach you how to do it too. Our BS-free corporate workshops teach the same practical techniques we use every day to produce excellent client work. Learn how to sell smarter, communicate clearly, and tell a great brand story.

Launched in 2011, Rumble has earned a reputation as one of the premier storytelling agencies in the Pacific Northwest. Clients include Fortune 500 companies like Starbucks, T-Mobile, and Boeing. Let’s talk about getting you on that list.

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Our Approach

Be nice to work with.

Because who wants to work with a jerk?

Only have an A team.

Everyone here has years of experience.

Be practical.

Big ideas are only as good as your ability to execute them.

Do the actual work.

Everyone loves “strategy.”
The hard part is bringing it to life.

Be honest.

It’s amazing how rare this is.

Creative Team


Carol Schiller

Founder and Chief Storyteller

Carol Schiller has nearly 20 years experience in marketing, including brand storytelling, social media and content strategy, and developing international business partnerships for story-based brands. Past experience includes work with well-known brands L.L.Bean, Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, and Anne Klein, among others.

Back when the internet was a cool new tool, Carol was a pioneer in using digital, content and social marketing.


Dana Lewis

Creative Director

Dana Lewis is a the keeper of all things brand at Rumble, and her professional career includes over 20 years’ experience as a creative director, art director and senior graphic designer. Dana has held positions across the industry including advertising and marketing agencies, in-house creative departments, and start-ups, where she has created beautiful, successful campaigns for multiple brands. After many years working in a variety of high pressure environments, Dana has mastered the balance between creativity and speed, delivering thoughtful, brand-conscious concepts even under tight deadlines. With a rare combination of creativity and practicality, Dana excels at translating business strategy into beautiful work.


Yolanda Barton

Program Manager – Digital, Cultural, and Communications Transformation

Yolanda A Barton is a senior strategist and program manager specializing in digital, cultural, and communications transformation. She has created pioneering programs in Virtual Reality Storytelling, as well as innovative diversity and inclusion programs centered on transforming organizational culture.

In addition to almost 20 years of experience in corporate programs management, Yolanda holds two Master of Arts Degrees in Communication from the University of Washington, in Digital Media (MCDM) and Communities and Networks. Yolanda has also been a featured guest speaker at numerous Technology and Fortune 500 company events, where she has designed and led community engagement and cultural transformation activities.

Sarah Butterfield, Senior Art Director

Sarah Butterfield

Senior Art Director and Graphic Designer

Sarah has over 15 years of experience as an Art Director and Senior Designer. Her background includes a combination of both agency and in-house work for companies such as PCC Community Markets, Elysian Brewing, Heavy Restaurant Group, Sugar Mountain, and KOMO News. Sarah studied Multimedia Design and Production, 4.0 at Lake Washington Technical College, where she earned her Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree, and Photography at the Cornish College for the Arts. She brings tremendous energy and vivacity to every project, and in addition to her design expertise, is a master at keeping projects running smoothly. Sarah is also a member of the Side Rail Creative Collective, a space for artists in Seattle’s historic Georgetown neighborhood.


Andrea Herrick

Senior Art Director

Andrea Herrick is Senior Art Director with over 20 years of experience in creating beautiful designs for websites, advertising, digital marketing, and beyond. Her broad experience includes in-house leadership at major fashion brands including Macy’s and Eddie Bauer, as well as over a decade working on the agency side with the Fortune 500s and mid-range companies in publishing, real estate, education, energy, and nonprofits, among others.

Outside work, Andrea enjoys skiing, cycling, hiking and paddle boarding in the glorious Pacific Northwest.


Miljan Bivolarevic

Senior Web Developer

Miljan is a Senior WordPress developer with over a decade of experience working on website development. He has built hundreds of beautiful, practical sites for numerous clients and is extremely proficient in PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, JSON, Bootstrap and more. Miljan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Technical University. When not building beautiful websites, Miljan is an avid runner who loves to hit the trails outside his office.

Jacob Christensen photo

Jacob Christensen

Director of Video

Jacob is an Emmy-nominated and Telly Award-winning cinematographer with more than 7 years of experience directing and producing video. His project roster includes everything from video blogs to advertising to social media communications, and more. Past projects include video stories for Microsoft, the University of Washington, and Delta Dental of Washington, among others.

A graduate of the University of Washington’s Master of Communications degree program in 2017, Jacob received the program’s coveted Storyteller Award, given to only one student per year for outstanding story creativity.

“My idea of a great day at work is one that ends with being able to say I helped someone else achieve something good in the world.”

Kylie Ora Lobell - copywriter

Kylie Ora Lobell


Kylie Ora Lobell is a copywriter with over a decade of experience writing for Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, major publications, and nonprofit organizations. Kylie’s background includes web copy, blog articles, social media content and copy, newsletter articles, internal and external communications and technical communications.

In addition to corporate work, Kylie’s writing has appeared in New York Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and the Washington Post.

Kylie earned a degree in Journalism from the State University of New York at Purchase College, and she has been writing professionally ever since. She is the proud mama of a beautiful daughter, two dogs, five chickens and a tortoise.

Holly McIntyre Headshot

Holly McIntyre

Senior Program and Marketing Manager

Holly brings over 10 years of experience managing successful transformation programs including company culture, reputation, marketing and communications. Broad communications and program management experience fuel her ability to create and drive successful roadmaps, contributing to the growth and success of several local and national organizations; most recently, Eluna (formerly The Moyer Foundation), and the e-commerce startup, Persona, a Nestle company.

A native Washingtonian and UW grad, when she’s not strategizing about helping others to live their best life in connection with the organizations she serves, she enjoys all things wellness and is a sun-lover working to make peace with the rain.

Liz Behlke

Liz Behlke

Brand Strategy and Communications Director

Liz Behlke is a brand strategist and writer with more than 30 years of marketing experience across a number of industries. She has lead in-house marketing teams in financial services, higher education, and telecom. Liz has also managed corporate identity programs for several national brands.

Liz digs deep to understand what makes each brand unique in order to tell a compelling story that will motivate customers. She brings a strategic toolset to each project while at the same time attending to every detail in order to deliver consistency and quality.

Liz has taught MBA-level marketing and branding, and now teaches the occasional crochet class. In addition to client work, Liz writes story-length memoirs and a monthly newsletter on brand storytelling.


Liz Rumpelsberger

Senior Art Director and Graphic Designer

Liz is creative whiz with over 17 years’ experience designing beautiful graphics for both print and web. She spent her early career at Microsoft working with a variety of software groups, as well as the hardware department. After Microsoft Liz worked for a technology startup, where she helped completely rebrand the company identity, and supported all associated creative requirements. Since then, she has worked on hundreds of design projects for dozens of clients, combining a deep understanding of gorgeous design with a sensible approach to practical business requirements.

Rob Lindsay

Robert Lindsay

Senior Technical Copywriter

Rob is senior technical copywriter, with over 20 years’ experience writing case studies, white papers, brochures, and blog and trade journal articles. He specializes in high-tech industries, and has written every kind of content imaginable for cloud, telecom, data center, and mission-critical infrastructure companies. Rob has also authored numerous articles for high tech publications. Rob holds degrees from Penn State and Kansas State University, is a self-taught chef, and has an extensive knowledge of American history, specifically the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. He has explored the city of Seattle from top to bottom, and has visited every neighborhood, museum, public park, and shopping mall in the city at least once. When he is not writing, he spends his weekends playing jai alai and haunting espresso bars.


Bharath Rajagopalan

Senior Creative Copywriter

Bharath is a Senior Creative Copywriter, who specializes in witty wordplay and punny takes on everything from consumer products to financial services. He has worked on dozens of ad campaigns and done brand voice work for a variety of large agencies in New York and Chennai, India. Bharath holds a Master of Science Degree in Communications from Ithaca College in New York, as well as Master of Marketing Communications Degree from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management.