Why choose Rumble?

Rumble Marketing is a story-based marketing agency. That means we use powerful stories to get people to pay attention to your message by making your marketing more persuasive, meaningful, and entertaining.

We spend 0% of your time (and ours) on pointless “strategy” meetings, because we really shine at doing the actual story work. So, after a little smart planning, we get right to work creating the designs, writing the copy and bringing your bold ideas to life.

When not doing the work, we teach you how to do it too. Our BS-free corporate workshops teach the same practical techniques we use every day to produce excellent client work. Learn how to sell smarter, communicate clearly and tell a great brand story.

Launched in 2011, we’ve already earned a reputation as one of the premier storytelling agencies in the Pacific Northwest. Our clients include Fortune 500s like Starbucks, T-Mobile, and Microsoft. Let’s talk about getting you on that list.

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Our Approach

Be nice to work with.

Because who wants to work with a jerk?

Only have an A team.

Everyone here has years of experience.

Be practical.

Big ideas are only as good as your ability to execute them.

Do the actual work.

Everyone loves “strategy.”
The hard part is bringing it to life.

Be honest.

It’s amazing how rare this is.

Creative Team


Carol Schiller

Founder and Chief Storyteller

Carol Schiller has nearly 20 years experience in marketing, including brand storytelling, social media and content strategy, and developing international business partnerships for story-based brands. Past experience includes work with well-known brands L.L.Bean, Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, and Anne Klein, among others.

Back when the internet was a cool new tool, Carol was a pioneer in using digital, content and social marketing.


Dana Lewis

Creative Director

Dana Lewis is a the keeper of all things brand at Rumble, and her professional career includes over 20 years’ experience as a creative director, art director and senior graphic designer. Dana has held positions across the industry including advertising and marketing agencies, in-house creative departments, and start-ups, where she has created beautiful, successful campaigns for multiple brands. After many years working in a variety of high pressure environments, Dana has mastered the balance between creativity and speed, delivering thoughtful, brand-conscious concepts even under tight deadlines. With a rare combination of creativity and practicality, Dana excels at translating business strategy into beautiful work.

Melanie Nelson Social Media Strategist at Rumble

Melanie Nelson

Social Media Strategist and Content Development Director

Melanie Nelson is a senior level content creator, copywriter, editor, social media instructor and strategist. She has over 20 years’ experience in every form of social and content publishing platform from old-school blogging to Linked In for B2B, and the latest in Instagram, Snapchat and live video streaming. A former editor of Social Media Examiner, Melanie is also the author and/or editor of numerous social media publications including Facebook All-In-One For Dummies, 1st ed., Pinterest Marketing For Dummies, and LinkedIn For Dummies, 2nd ed., among many others. “Organization and time management are my BFFs.”


Liz Rumpelsberger

Senior Art Director and Graphic Designer

Liz is creative whiz with over 17 years’ experience designing beautiful graphics for both print and web. She spent her early career at Microsoft working with a variety of software groups, as well as the hardware department. After Microsoft Liz worked for a technology startup, where she helped completely rebrand the company identity, and supported all associated creative requirements. Since then, she has worked on hundreds of design projects for dozens of clients, combining a deep understanding of gorgeous design with a sensible approach to practical business requirements.


Miljan Bivolarevic

Senior Web Developer

Miljan is a Senior WordPress developer with over a decade of experience working on website development. He has built hundreds of beautiful, practical sites for numerous clients and is extremely proficient in PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, JSON, Bootstrap and more. Miljan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Technical University. When not building beautiful websites, Miljan is an avid runner who loves to hit the trails outside his office.

Rob Lindsay

Robert Lindsay

Senior Technical Copywriter

Rob is senior technical copywriter, with over 20 years’ experience writing case studies, white papers, brochures, and blog and trade journal articles. He specializes in high-tech industries, and has written every kind of content imaginable for cloud, telecom, data center, and mission-critical infrastructure companies. Rob has also authored numerous articles for high tech publications. Rob holds degrees from Penn State and Kansas State University, is a self-taught chef, and has an extensive knowledge of American history, specifically the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. He has explored the city of Seattle from top to bottom, and has visited every neighborhood, museum, public park, and shopping mall in the city at least once. When he is not writing, he spends his weekends playing jai alai and haunting espresso bars.

Christina Paez Mori

Christina Paez Mori

Account Manager and Executive Assistant

Christina is an organizational genius, who dots every I and crosses every T. After many years managing the 1001 critical and minute details required to provide outstanding customer happiness in the insurance industry, Christina left to pursue her creative passion in gift design. It was shortly after Christina founded her gift business, Something Little Things, that Rumble identified her special brand of awesome, and recruited her to join the team.

Christina now combines her detail-oriented excellence with her creative energy by keeping every detail of the Rumble operation on track.

Outside of Rumble, Christina can generally be found corralling her 4 kids ranging in age from two years old to college-bound; baking absurdly delicious cupcakes; and occasionally chasing her rambunctious lab/boxer mixed puppy, Bentley.

shannon french copywriter

Shannon French

Researcher and Assistant Copywriter

Shannon French started her academic and professional career in the life sciences, which explains why her research skills, discipline and attention to detail are so spectacularly good. While earning a double degree in Biological Sciences and Geography from Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Shannon also spent six months as an intern for healthcare nonprofits in Sri Lanka. While there, Shannon worked alongside professional scientists in the field, assisting in research and education around HIV, TB, and malaria.

After graduation, Shannon continued working in the nonprofit and advocacy world, holding a range of program development, education and communication roles. Ultimately, Shannon realized that it was the stories and the people behind the science that she loved best, so she enrolled in the University of Washington Communication Leadership Master Degree program, where she studied professional storytelling, copywriting and communications.

A former competitive swimmer for 15 years, Shannon’s favorite activities now include trail running, rock climbing, obstacle racing, and circus hand balancing. (We know, we had to Google that last one too. It’s pretty cool.)

Margaret Webster copywriter

Margaret Webster

Assistant Copywriter

Margaret is an ace copywriter, who confesses to a lifelong love for language. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Washington, and this early background in the fundamentals of human behavior are key to her work in uncovering customer psychologies and creating compelling brand stories. Often somewhat reserved in person, Margaret is known as the team member who listens quietly and then blows the room away with her killer copy.

In addition to her professional work, Margaret is currently pursuing a Master of Communication Degree in Digital Media at the University of Washington.

When not working or studying, Margaret can typically be found walking the waterfront of her hometown, Edmonds, WA.