Why choose Rumble?

Rumble Marketing is a story-based marketing agency. That means we use powerful stories to get people to pay attention to your message by making your marketing more persuasive, meaningful, and entertaining.

We spend 0% of your time (and ours) on pointless “strategy” meetings, because we really shine at doing the actual story work. So, after a little smart planning, we get right to work creating the designs, writing the copy and bringing your bold ideas to life.

When not doing the work, we teach you how to do it too. Our BS-free corporate workshops teach the same practical techniques we use every day to produce excellent client work. Learn how to sell smarter, communicate clearly and tell a great brand story.

Launched in 2011, we’ve already earned a reputation as one of the premier storytelling agencies in the Pacific Northwest. Our clients include Fortune 500s like Starbucks, T-Mobile, and Microsoft. Let’s talk about getting you on that list.

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Our Approach

Be nice to work with.

Because who wants to work with a jerk?

Only have an A team.

Everyone here has 10+ years of experience.

Be practical.

Big ideas are only as good as your ability to execute them.

Do the actual work.

Everyone loves “strategy.”
The hard part is bringing it to life.

Be honest.

It’s amazing how rare this is.



Carol Schiller

Founder and Chief Storyteller

Carol Schiller has nearly 20 years experience in marketing, including brand storytelling, social media and content strategy, and developing international business partnerships for story-based brands. Past experience includes work with well-known brands L.L.Bean, Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, and Anne Klein, among others.

Back when the internet was a cool new tool, Carol was a pioneer in using digital, content and social marketing.


Dana Lewis

Art Director & Senior Graphic Desginer

Dana Lewis is an art director and senior graphic designer with over 17 years of professional experience. Working for advertising and marketing agencies, in-house creative departments and start-ups, she has delivered successful and results-proven campaigns for some awesome brands. Her diverse background allows her to work with teams to deliver thoughtful and brand conscious concepts under the tightest of deadlines. Dana is incredibly strategy-minded and knows how to translate strategy in to beautiful work.


Aimee Giese

Creative & Web Development Director

Aimee Giese has been a graphic designer, web developer, social media strategist and photographer for over 20 years. For nearly a decade, she was the co-owner of a health education multimedia development firm that focused on cancer prevention. In 2011, Aimee sold her half of Klein Buendel, and joined Rumble. During her tenure, Klein Buendel was regularly ranked among the top women-owned and top privately-owned companies in Colorado. In 2010, the company was noted as one of the 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America by Inc. Magazine.


Miljan Bivolarevic

Senior Web Developer

Miljan is a Senior WordPress developer with over a decade of experience working on website development. He has built hundreds of beautiful, practical sites for numerous clients and is extremely proficient in PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, JSON, Bootstrap and more. Miljan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Technical University. When not building beautiful websites, Miljan is an avid runner who loves to hit the trails outside his office.

Paul schmid kayak image

Paul Schmid

Marketing Consultant, Pharma and Healthcare

Paul is a senior-level biopharmaceutical marketing professional with almost 20 years of expertise in oncology & CNS marketing, product launches, and strategic planning. His specialties include: Oncology & CNS Marketing, Launch & Relaunch, Strategic Planning, Pricing & Reimbursement, KOL Development, Joint Venture Management, DTP Marketing, Branding, Sales & Sales Training.

A serious devotee of design and craftsmanship, in his spare time, Paul hand-build kayaks like the one you see pictured here in this photo.