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Marketing for Terrific Products and Services

If you've built something great, but customers aren't finding you fast enough, you've come to the right place. How do you stand out in a sea of sameness? The answer is as old as human language: tell a great story.

Add some rumble-style marketing to your mix. Put a stake in the ground with a crisp, compelling message that truly separates you from the crowd, so you can win your audience's hearts, minds and preciously short attention span.

“Great stories are about emotion.
And emotional truth is something you have to build.”

- Ken Burns

Shards of brilliance

Why Jeep’s Super Bowl Ad Made You Wanna Cry

Lots of people are talking about the Super Bowl ads this week. But I don’t want to just talk about what I liked, I want to show you what you can steal. Here goes. First, it’s no secret that storytelling … ...

3 Signs Your Re-Brand is Going to Be a Complete Waste of Money

Marketing execs are in a fix. On the one hand, there is stark evidence that a powerful brand has enormous influence over purchasing behavior and customer satisfaction. On the other, rebrands are almost always a total waste of money, not … ...

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"Thank you Carol for a fabulous storytelling series. Personally, I had so many “wow” moments during each session. I was amazed with how well participants applied their new learning to their presentations"

Sarah McKenzie - Senior Learning Specialist, Starbucks Coffee Company

"I've taken two of Carol's classes at the UW and they are both 5 star... Carol's delivery, class examples, and individual exercise sessions are especially meaningful - there is always intent, a focused point, and a challenge at hand."

Cameron Levin - Business Consultant,